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What crimes should be reported?

Crimes that occur on schools grounds and within school-owned or controlled buildings qualify for reporting under the Clery Act. It is important to note that this includes more than just main campus – we own buildings all over Austin and own or control real estate all over the world. The reporting rules apply to faculty and other employees when they are traveling to foreign locations with students. We are also required to record crimes at certain non-campus facilities, which includes public property adjacent to the institution.

There are seven major categories of crimes that are always reported:

  1. Criminal Homicide
  2. Sex Offenses
  3. Robbery
  4. Aggravated Assault
  5. Burglary (with some conditions)
  6. Motor Vehicle Theft
  7. Arson

In addition, if you believe one of the following crimes was committed, even in part, because of bias against the person’s race, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity or national origin, then it is considered a “hate crime” and must also be reported:

  1. Larceny/Theft
  2. Simple Assault
  3. Destruction/Damage/Vandalism of Property
  4. Intimidation

We are also required to report the following crimes, even if the victim does not consider himself or herself to be a victim.:

  • Domestic violence
  • Dating violence
  • Stalking

We are also required to report referrals for campus disciplinary action that violated a law (even if an arrest was not made):

  1. Liquor Law violations
  2. Drug Law violations
  3. Illegal weapons possession

Definitions for these reportable crimes are available.