Honor Texas

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Honor Texas is a commitment to ethical behavior in The University of Texas at Austin workplace, introduced in the fall of 2019.

All across our campus — in the classroom, labs, administrative spaces, or in the field — the university must continuously foster a commitment to an ethical environment.

Our Commitment to Ethics

Integrity  -  When values match intentions and behavior. 

Honesty  -  Not only telling the truth, but also leaving the right impression.

Trust  -  A strong belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone.

Fairness  -  Treating people reasonably and impartially without favoritism or discrimination.

Respect  -  Feeling and demonstrating appropriate admiration and recognition for someone as a fellow human being, and fellow employee.

The practical application of integrity, honesty, trust, fairness, and respect towards peers and community reflects our commitment to the university’s core values and mission which inspired these standards of ethics. While the rules defining some ethical conduct are provided for by law, Regents’ Rules, and university policy, the complexities of the workplace are often challenging and uncertain.  Real-world situations, the dynamics of the office, ethical dilemmas, and circumstances where context matters often leave even the most committed employees struggling to “do the right thing.” 

We are asking every employee to commit to an understanding and practice of the five standards of ethics. Honor Texas events are designed to help foster conversation and to encourage action throughout all levels of the University.

Honor Texas is an ongoing effort, one that works to establish a sustainable culture of values that considers ethics in everything. 


Upcoming Honor Texas Activities

  • An Honor Texas Road Show can be scheduled where members of the Honor Texas team will present to departmental or organizational meetings. Please email us at honortexas@utexas.edu to invite us to your next meeting.
  • A campus-wide survey to capture the current climate and perspectives on ethics at UT was launched on January 16, 2020. The survey will utilize both quantitative and qualitative data to inform leadership and direct future activities for Honor Texas.
  • In partnership with faculty, a longitudinal research study will be conducted with a focus on developing effective and engaging compliance training and education to compliment UT's culture of values. 
  • Ethics and leadership discussion groups will be facilitated by campus ethics and leadership experts. They will engage participants on concepts and real-world scenarios in which ethics and ethical dilemmas have played a role. 
  • Honor Texas will work to incorporate our values into the university's daily operations and systems in an effort to operationalize ethics.
  • Honor Texas is a university-wide effort, and some of the best ideas will come from members of the UT community. Please share with us your ideas on how to improve UT's culture of values at honortexas@utexas.edu.  


Advisory Committee on Ethics

The Advisory Committee on Ethics (ACE) has been established by President Fenves to provide guidance on growing and sustaining a culture of ethical behavior in the daily life of the university. 

Ethics & Leadership Experts

Honor Texas will be working with UT faculty and staff whose research and expertise focuses on understanding and driving ethical culture within institutions. This group will advise and inform upcoming surveys, research, discussion groups and training.



Mission & Values

What start here changes the world

Ethics Unwrapped

At your next staff meeting, take a moment to watch one of these brief videos (1-2 minutes) and have a group discussion about how the topic could impact your workplace.

Office of the Ombuds

The Ombuds offices can help, whether it’s listening, directing you to the appropriate university office, identifying your options, or coaching you to prepare for a difficult conversation.

LinkedIn Learning

A collection of 2-3 minute videos that teach business ethics and contain case studies for discussion.