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Updates to policies in the UT Austin Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP), including newly added, revised, and retired/removed or merged policies. A list of retired, removed, or merged HOP policies is also available at the bottom of the page.

Revisions to Interim Policy: HOP 3-3031 Prohibition of Sexual Assault, Interpersonal Violence, Stalking, Sexual Harassment, and Sex Discrimination

Oct. 6, 2022
This policy prohibits sexual assault, interpersonal violence (including domestic and dating violence), stalking, and sexual harassment (including harassment on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or pregnancy status). In addition, this policy also prohibits sex discrimination and sexual exploitation. It further prohibits faculty, staff, other university employees, and university affiliates from engaging in conduct of a sexual nature that is unprofessional or inappropriate for the educational or working environment.

Revisions to: HOP 7-1510 Controlled Substances in Research

Aug. 23, 2022
This policy was revised to clarify applicable regulations regarding the use of controlled substance and controlled items in laboratory research on campus.

Revisions to: HOP 7-1230 Research Misconduct

July 1, 2022
This update is being made to align closely with the regulatory guidelines issued in 2005 and to provide the UT research community with an updated, transparent policy on addressing allegations of research misconduct.

Revisions to: HOP 5-2011 Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, and Outside Activities

July 1, 2022
HOP 5-2270 (Outside Employment Activities of Classified Staff) and HOP 5-2010 (Individual Conflicts of Interest) are being merged into the existing HOP 5-2011 (Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, and Outside Employment) to provide clear guidance to faculty and staff regarding the mandate to report potential/real conflicts of commitment or interest and all outside employment.

Retired Policy: HOP 5-2010 Individual Conflicts of Interest

June 20, 2022
The adoption of revised policy, HOP 5-2011 "Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, and Outside Employment" has rendered this policy obsolete.

Retired Policy: HOP 5-2270 Outside Employment Activities of Classified Staff

June 20, 2022
The adoption of revised policy, HOP 5-2270 "Outside Employment Activities of Classified Staff" has rendered this policy obsolete.

Revisions to: HOP 2-2310 Faculty Grievance Procedure

June 14, 2022
This update is being made to provide clarification to procedures and align them with best practices as well as to relocate the faculty discipline portion to the new HOP 2-2320 Faculty Discipline.

New Policy: HOP 2-2320 Faculty Discipline

April 19, 2022
This policy describes the process by which the University may take disciplinary action against a Faculty Member subsequent to a finding that the Faculty Member engaged in misconduct. Additionally, it provides information regarding the rights of the Faculty Member.

New Policy: HOP 3-1910 Availability of Electronic Health Information & Prohibition Against Information Blocking

Feb. 18, 2022
This update is being made to transition HOP 3-1910 from an interim policy to a permanent policy. This Policy provides information regarding the University’s efforts to support the seamless exchange of, access to, and use of EHI, to promote interoperability of systems containing EHI, to address information blocking in accordance with the Cures Act and its implementing regulations, and to ensure that the University’s HIPAA-covered components comply with applicable law.

Revisions to: HOP 2-2130 Evaluation of Deans of Colleges and Schools

Dec. 21, 2021
This update is being made to add a section on “Ineligibility for Service” which delineates when a potential committee member is ineligible to serve on a search committee and directs members to report any circumstance which may make them ineligible to serve. The policy prescribes a three-person delegation appointed by the President or designee which will make final determinations on committee membership eligibility.

Retired, Removed or Merged HOP Policies

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This table alphabetically lists retired HOP policies and policy memoranda.

If you have any questions about these former policies, please contact the Policy Office.

Policy Number Previous Policy Number Policy Title Retirement Date
HOP 9-1220 HOP 3.23 Adding Courses After End of Registration 10/15/18
HOP 8-1220 HOP 10.8 Assembly Rooms and Exits 1/12/14
HOP 9-1210 HOP 4.05 Availability of Coursework to Students 10/15/18
HOP 5-3010 HOP 9.23 Beginning Rates for Classified Employees 3/10/20
HOP 8-9999 HOP 2.A.4 Campus Meetings and Political Information 10/15/18
HOP 3-9993 HOP 10.A.1 Centralization of Design Services Purchasing 7/24/12
HOP 3-9998 HOP 6.27 Charge for Computation Center Services 8/29/13
HOP 5-9991 HOP 9.14 Classified Position Descriptions and Their Interpretation 3/10/20
HOP 8-9998 HOP 10.4.25 Compressed Gases 8/25/12
HOP 5-3040 HOP 9.26 Computation of Hourly Rates, Pay for Partial Month of Service, and Payment of Unused Vacation 3/10/20
HOP 8-1240 HOP 10.03 Departmental Codes and Committees 1/12/14
HOP 8-9994 HOP 10.4.27 Disposal of Dangerous or Hazardous Materials 8/25/12
HOP 5-5110 HOP 2.A.1 Emergency Closure Notification 8/29/13
HOP 9-1110 HOP 4.01 Fellowship and Scholarship Appointment Forms 12/19/12
HOP 2-3110 HOP 3.22 Final Examinations 10/15/18
HOP 8-9995 HOP 10.1.2 Fire Code Administration 8/25/12
HOP 8-1210 HOP 10.1.1 Fire Code General 8/25/12
HOP 8-9996 HOP 10.4.23 Flammable and Combustible Liquids - Fuels and Lubricants 8/25/12
HOP 8-9997 HOP 10.3.16 Flammable Finishes and Finishing Equipment 8/25/12
HOP 8-1360 HOP 10.3.18 Fumigation and Thermal Insecticide Fogging 1/12/14
HOP 8-1310 HOP 10.2.11 Garages 1/12/14
HOP 5-9997 HOP 9.19 General Policy Personnel 3/10/20
HOP 3-1150 HOP 6.17 General Principles and Guidelines for the Printing of Stationery 12/19/12
HOP 5-9996 HOP 9.13 General Provisions 3/10/20
HOP 8-9991 HOP 10.1.4 General Regulations Regarding Fire Prevention 8/25/12
HOP 9-1810   Hate and Bias Incidents 4/5/21
HOP 8-9992 HOP 10.4.26 Hazardous Chemicals 8/25/12
HOP 5-1120 HOP 7.18 Immigration Documents; Exchange - Visitor Program 10/15/18
HOP 5-2010 4.A.4 Individual Conflicts of Interest 6/20/22
HOP 3-4010 HOP 4.06 Intercollegiate Athletics Council for Men 4/8/19
HOP 3-4020 HOP 4.07 Intercollegiate Athletics Council for Women 4/8/19
HOP 3-1020 HOP 1.C.5 Internal Audit Office Charter 4/22/19
HOP 8-9993 HOP 10.2.10 Laboratories 8/25/12
HOP 8-1320 HOP 10.12 Lumber Yards and Woodworking Plants 1/12/14
HOP 5-3030 HOP 9.21 Maintenance of Pay Plan 3/10/20
HOP 5-9998 HOP 7.13 Memorial Book Fund 5/17/13
HOP 5-3110 HOP 9.24 Merit Salary Policy for Classified Employees 3/10/20
HOP 8-1230 HOP 10.09 New Construction 1/12/14
HOP 7-9999 HOP 5.05 Organized Research Units 7/24/12
HOP 5-2270 HOP 9.91 Outside Employment Activities of Classified Staff 6/20/22
HOP 8-1330 HOP 10.19 Ovens, Furnaces, Kilns, & Other Heat Treating Devices 1/12/14
HOP 5-9989 HOP 9.27 Pay Adjustments in Transfers and Promotions 3/10/20
HOP 5-9990 HOP 9.25 Pay for Part-time Employment 3/10/20
HOP 5-9988 HOP 9.22 Pay Ranges 8/29/13
HOP 4-9994 HOP 7.27 Policies Regarding Courtesy Cars - Intercollegiate Athletics for Men and Women 3/3/21
HOP 8-1410 HOP 6.12 Preparation, Sale, or Distribution of Food and Beverages 1/12/14
HOP 8-1350 HOP 10.24 Prevention of Dust Explosions 1/12/14
HOP 2-9999 HOP 3.08 Privileges of Postdoctoral Fellows 7/24/12
HOP 3-1140 HOP 5.02 Publication of Symposia 5/13/20
HOP 3-9999 HOP 5.20 Reinvestment of Endowment Earnings 7/24/12
HOP 3-9989 HOP 5.03 Reprints of Articles Published by Staff Members 7/24/12
HOP 5-9983 HOP 9.47 Separations 12/19/12
HOP 3-3030 HOP 4.B.2 Sexual Discrimination and Sex Harassment (refer to 3-3031) 7/1/2015
HOP 3-3040 HOP 4.A.3 Sexual Misconduct (refer to 3-3031) 7/1/2015
HOP 5-9984 HOP 9.57 Special University Activities 8/29/13
HOP 5-3050 HOP 9.20 The compensation Plan 3/10/20
HOP 5-9994 HOP 9.03 The Director, Office of Personnel Services and Employee Relations 8/29/13
HOP 5-5210 HOP 7.24 University Sponsored and Operated Summer Camps 5/1/14
HOP 4-1220 HOP 6.10 Use of the Texas Student Union 10/17/17
HOP 8-1340 HOP 10.17 Welding or Cutting, Electric, Acetylene or Other 1/12/14


PM Number Previous PM Number Policy Memoranda Title Retirement Date
2-9992-PM PM 3.125 Academic Appointments, Routing of Personnel Forms, and Request for Transfer of Funds 8/25/12
6-9998-PM PM 6.301 Acquisition of Computer and Computer-Related Equipment and Services 7/24/12
3-9991-PM PM 6.502 Advertising of Instructional Programs and Course Offerings 9/16/19
3-9996-PM PM 6.305 Charges Made for Use of Reproducing Machines 7/24/12
9-1310-PM PM 4.140 Charter for the Office of the Student Ombuds 12/19/17
3-2010-PM PM 7.125 Delegation of Authority to Sign 5/1/14
3-9994-PM PM 6.505 Electronic Campus-Wide Events Calendar (*EVENTS) 5/1/14
2-9991-PM PM 3.110 Faculty Recruiting Deadline, Appointment Offers, Acceptances, and Declinations 12/19/12
4-9995-PM PM 5.103 Film Program Policy 8/25/12
9-9994-PM PM 8.203 General Policy Guideline Statement for Tuition Remission 5/13/20
3-1160-PM PM 6.504 General Principles and Guidelines for the Printing of Stationery 12/19/12
4-9997-PM PM 7.601 Guidelines for Drivers of University-Owned Vehicles and Maintenance of University Owned Vehicles 8/25/12
3-9990-PM PM 6.401 Institutional Data - Office of Institutional Studies 8/25/12
3-1230-PM PM 5.401 Institutional Memberships and Dues for Professional Organizations 12/19/12
2-3020-PM PM 5.201 International Programs 10/15/18
4-1020-PM PM 6.201 Keys to University Facilities 3/9/20
9-1230-PM PM 3.220 Laboratory, Supplemental, Incidental, and Computing Required Course Fees 12/19/12
9-9993-PM PM 6.601 Legal Services for Students 8/25/12
6-9999-PM PM 6.300 Microcomputing Software Copyright Policy 7/24/12
2-9997-PM PM 3.101 Minimum Faculty Teaching Requirements 12/19/12
2-9998-PM PM 3.201 No Class Days and Final Examination Periods 12/19/12
3-2030-PM PM 6.315 Noncash Gifts 8/29/13
4-9998-PM PM 6.110 Policy Guidelines for University Related Travel by Motor Vehicle 8/29/13
3-9995-PM PM 7.205 Procedure Regarding Payment for Professional Services Such as Consultants and Speakers 8/31/12
2-3010-PM PM 3.150 Program to Assess, Certify and Improve English Proficiency of Faculty 12/19/12
9-1330-PM PM 4.121 Prohibition of Student Harassment 3/22/16
2-9989-PM PM 3.127 Recruitment to Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Position 12/19/12
3-9997-PM PM 6.303 Reporting Cash Shortages, Overages and Losses 7/24/12
3-9992-PM PM 7.305 Representing the University 12/19/12
2-9990-PM PM 3.130 Required Interviews with Candidates for Faculty Positions 12/19/12
2-9995-PM PM 3.95 Restrictions on Sale of Classroom/Instructional Materials to Students 6/29/21
2-9996-PM PM 3.210 Restrictions on Use of Textbooks and Other Materials 6/29/21
2-1210-PM PM 1.201 Rules and By-Laws of the Graduate Assembly 3/23/21
2-9987-PM PM 3.117 Salary Payment Plan for Academic Appointments 8/25/12
2-9988-PM PM 3.115 Salary Policy for Individuals, Holding both Faculty and Administrative Appointments 12/19/12
5-9992-PM PM 7.201 Salary Rates: Increases and Changes 8/29/13
5-9986-PM PM 7.501 Security-Sensitive Positions 8/29/13
2-9986-PM PM 3.120 Signatures Required on Faculty Appointment Change of Status Forms 8/25/12
4-9996-PM PM 6.207 Soft Drinks in Campus Buildings 8/25/12
9-1340-PM PM 4.120 Student Policy on Race Relations 5/5/17
2-2993-PM PM 3.203 The Faculty Member's Classroom Obligations 8/29/13
4-1260-PM PM 6.104 Use of Thompson Conference Center and Lyndon Baines Johnson Auditorium 4/7/21
4-1310-PM PM 6.205 Vending Machines on Campus 1/12/14
2-9994-PM PM 3.140 Work Toward an Advanced Degree by Faculty Members 12/19/12