Policy Office Advisory Group


The Policy Office Advisory Group (POAG) is a group of cross-divisional representatives appointed by their vice president or the president to provide advisory input to the University Policy Office Program Manager, who serves to chair the POAG.

The scope of this input focuses on policies in the Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP) related to administrative and operational matters. A representative from each of the university’s governance groups (Faculty Council, Staff Council, and Student Government) also sit on the POAG.

Membership on the POAG is annually approved by the president. 

POAG Roles & Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the POAG members focus on policy matters related to administrative and operational policies residing in the HOP. Members will:

  • Facilitate: Serve to review HOP policy proposals/plans/drafts advanced through the University Policy Office to offer feedback to the policy owners to facilitate successful development of policy before advancing for executive level review and approval.
  • Represent: Serve as key liaisons for his/her division or governance group for policy review and emerging policy-related issues serving as a conduit for improving communication and input on those issues.

The POAG does not set policy nor does it have veto power on policy advancement. Rather, members serve to improve the HOP policy process to successful conclusion

Responsibilities of POAG members are to:

  • Attend ad hoc POAG meetings.
  • Review and provide divisional-specific feedback, as needed, on HOP amendment policy drafts (new policy, significant revisions to existing policy).
  • Serve as an ambassador for his/her division or governance group on HOP policy-related matters.