Compliance and Ethics Training Library

Online training

Please take required training online if you are able

Core compliance classes can be found in UTLearn, the university’s employee training management system.

If you are looking for a particular compliance course and cannot find it, please contact us for more information.

Required of Every Employee, Volunteer, and Certain Affiliates ("Core 4")

These courses are available in UTLearn. Please contact University Risk and Compliance Services Training if you or your workers need an alternative method to take these courses.

  • The Compliance & Ethics Program at UT Austin
  • Workplace Discrimination and Harassment (formerly known as Equal Employment Opportunity or EEO)
  • Information Security Awareness
  • Title IX Basics
    • please note: This is an in-person/virtual course, not an online module.

In addition, all new employees are required to sign the Compliance and Ethics Guide (view only copy; last updated 2023) as part of their new hire documentation in Workday.

May be Required by your Department or Position

Many courses may be required by your department or the position/role you hold at the university. Below is a list of common courses that may be required, but please check with your supervisor if you're not sure.


Archived “Employee Engagement Series” Presentations

Liz Aebersold: Igniting Creativity & Innovation
Michael Hasler: Managing Change at Work
Paul Liebman: Missing the Forest for the Trees
Art Markman: Smart Thinking
Ami Pedahzur: Organizations Under Stress
Robert Prentice: Why Good People Do Bad Things
Raj Raghunathan: If You're So Smart Then Why Aren't You Happy
Keri Stephens: Using Technology to Communicate at Work
Paul Woodruff: Justice in Rewards


Other Resources

Ethics Unwrapped– animated shorts by the McCombs School of Business
Export Control Podcast with David Ivey, Cam Beasley, John Ekerdt, and Jaime Davis


Training Services

In order to help foster an ethical campus environment, our office would be happy to speak with your group about compliance and ethics. We can provide a formal presentation or an informal Q&A on a variety of topics. Please contact us for more information.

Some groups to which we have presented in the past include:

  • New student or employee orientations
  • Faculty and staff groups, such as HR Forum, Town Hall, HFSA, etc.
  • Departmental professional development sessions
  • Student in classroom settings (as an "ethics" credit, for example)