Designated and Other Officials

Designated Officials for UT Austin

Title Name
Institutional Compliance Officer Jeffery Graves
Ethics Officer Jim Davis
Research Integrity Officer Mary Steinhardt
Information Resources Manager Trice Humpert
Data Management Officer Shiva Jaganathan
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Information Security Program coordinator Cam Beasley
University Information Security Officer Cam Beasley
HIPAA Security Officer Cam Beasley
NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative Michael Clement
NCAA Compliance Coordinator Lori Hammond
NCAA Institutional Senior Woman Administrator Chris Plonsky
Radiation Safety Officer - Main Campus John Salsman
Radiation Safety Officer - Dell Medical School Kristi Powell
Laser Safety Officer DeWayne Holcomb
Biological Safety Officer Josh Hart
Meningitis Vaccination Officer  
HIPAA Privacy Officer Jeffery Graves
Campus Safety Survey Administrator Loren Galloway
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Regulations Coordinator Jessica Hughes Wagner
Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 Coordinator Adriana Alicea-Rodriguez
Designed Endowment Executive Jamie Cantara
Texas Comptroller FMX Agency Security Coordinator John Walker
Animal Welfare Act Institutional Official Dan Jaffe
Human Subjects Research Compliance Officer Dan Jaffe
Anti-Retaliation Officer Marquita Booker
Equal Employment Opportunity Officer Marquita Booker
Title VI (Civil Rights Act of 1964) Marquita Booker
Age Discrimination Act of 1974 Coordinator Marquita Booker
Property Manager Darrell Bazzell
Public Information Officer Jim Davis
University Reporting Official Shiva Jaganathan
EIR Accessibility Coordinator Jennifer Maedgen
University ADA Coordinator Jennifer Maedgen
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Coordinator Jennifer Maedgen
Customer Service Representative Diane Sumner
Records Management Officer Mary Hightower-Coyle
HB2504 Administration Official  
F-1 Principal Designated School Official Margaret Luévano
J-1 Exchange Visitor Responsible Officer Margaret Luévano
Empowered Official for Export Controls David Ivey
Data Protection Officer Christopher Hutto

Other University Officials

Title Name
Ethics Officer Jim Davis
HIPAA Jeffery Graves
FERPA Jeffery Graves
Office for Inclusion and Equity Marquita Booker