Compliance Leadership Group

The Compliance Leadership Group (CLG) is an informal group of individuals on campus with significant compliance responsibilities associated with their job. The group meets quarterly to discuss current compliance risks, significant events, and best practices. The group then reports any significant compliance activity or need to the Executive Compliance Committee (ECC).

Risk Area Representative
Accounting & Finance Kristen Walker
Accreditation Linda Dickens
Admissions Susan Kearns
Animal Resource Center Glen Otto
Athletics Lori Hammond
Audit Angela McCarter
Campus Safety & Security Jimmy Johnson
Clery Act Roxanne King
Diversity & Community Engagement Jennifer Maedgen and Stephanie Myers
Donors, Gifts & Endowments Lee Bash and Jamie Cantara
Ethics & Legal Steve Rosen
EHS Scott Pennington
Export Controls David Ivey
Financial Aid Billy Bossier
Grants Management/OSP Renee Gonzales
Healthcare/Insurance Adrienne Howarth-Moore and Amber Serra
Healthcare/Dell Medical Leslie Montalvo
Immigration / International Activities Teri Albrecht
Information Technology & Information Security Cam Beasley
Institutional Reporting, Research, and Information (IRRS) Lincoln Holmes
Intellectual Property Steve Rosen
Labor & Employment Debra Kress and Karen Chawner
Office for Inclusion and Equity (OIE) Yulanda McCarty-Harris
Ombuds Kouang Chan and Mary Steinhardt
Political Activities Jay Dyer
President’s Office Carlos Martinez
Privacy (Students & Employees) Jeff Graves
Privacy (Other: Payroll, PCI, etc.) Shelley Powers, John Walker, Rose Paez
Provost Dave Wolcott
Records Margo Iwanski and Maryrose Hightower-Coyle
Registrar Shelby Stanfield
Research Noël Busch-Armendariz
Student Affairs Edna Dominguez
Tax Jimmy Harper, Lori Peterson, Andy Gordon
Title IX Krista Anderson
University Compliance Services Leo Barnes, Betty Brooks (Policy), Leslie Montalvo (Risk Assessment), Jaime Davis (Training)
University Interscholastic League Charles Breithaupt
UT System/Board of Regents David Givens and Jason King
Youth Protection Leekeshia Williams