What is Risk?

Risk is defined as the possibility of a negative outcome resulting from a violation or nonconformance with laws, rules, regulations, or policy.

Possible negative outcomes include:

  • Death or serious injury
  • Criminal liability for the university and/or its employees
  • Significant civil liability for the university
  • Business interruption or financial loss for the university
  • Reputation damage and/or loss of public trust for the university
  • Change in law creating a new financial or administrative burden for the university

Risk Assessment Services

Risk assessment services are available to managers and unit heads to help with risk identification and plans for mitigation. Please contact University Compliance ServicesĀ at (512) 232-7055.

Compliance Leadership Group

The Compliance Leadership Group (CLG) is an informal group of individuals on campus with significant compliance responsibilities associated with their job. The group meets quarterly to discuss current compliance risks, significant events, and best practices.